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Healthcare Market Research

We are specialists at delivering international market research studies for clients in healthcare related industries. Since 2002, our fieldwork experts have delivered well over 8,000 such projects, spanning more than 60 countries.

Our experts are conversant in all qualitative and quantitative research techniques, including the latest and most disruptive and can advise on which to use to meet objectives.

While our clients look and interpret data, we focus on the source of the data which is inextricably linked to the quality of people participating in the research. Properly sourced and well vetted research participants deliver the best quantitative and qualitative data necessary to produce actionable insight. We have created such networks of respondents, specifically:

Healthcare Professionals

  • Primary care physicians and nurses
  • Secondary care specialists and nurses
  • Retail and hospital pharmacists
  • Retail and hospital lab staff
  • Allied health professionals Patients
  • Chronic condition patients
  • Acute condition patients
  • Professional caregivers
  • Non-professional caregivers
  • Payers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)
  • Local payers and KOLs
  • Regional payers and KOLs
  • National payers and KOLs
  • International KOLs
  • Payer advisors
  • Ex-payers
  • Health economists Pharma company employees
  • Reps
  • Scientists
  • Marketing
  • Medical Affairs
  • Engineers

With your objectives in mind, our in-country local experts will always rigorously assess sample size and composition, feasibility, and, taking into account country specificities, provide guidance on the most relevant methodologies to acquire quality data:


  • Telephone Depth Interviews (TDIs)
  • Web Assisted Telephone Interviews (WATDIs)
  • Video Depth Interviews (VDIs)
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Focus Groups, in market research facilities
  • Individual Depth Interviews (IDIs), in market research facilities
  • Individual Depth Interviews (IDIs), in field
  • Online Bulletin Boards
  • Communities Quantitative
  • Computer Aided Telephone Interviews (CATIs)
  • Computer Aided Web Interviews (CAWIs)
  • Opinion surveys
  • Case Record Forms (CRF) studies
  • Combined ATU + Case Record Forms (CRF) Studies

Related Work

healthcare market research

Therapy Area: Ostomy care
Topic: Stomas
Respondent Type: Patients who currently have a stoma

Identify the support gaps for UK and German Ostomates and explore the role that digital health can play in supporting Ostomates. Explore how client X can optimise their digital health tools to better support Ostomates

Sample Size: 12
Methodology: 60 minute Web Assisted Telephone Depth Interviews (WATDIs)
Services Delivered: Recruitment, moderation, transcripts

healthcare market research

Therapy Area: Endocrinology
Topic: Diabetes
Respondent Type: Endocrinologists, PCPs

To understand the experiences and interactions with different pharmaceutical companies and how companies can support physicians who treat diabetes

Sample Size: 72
Methodology: 60 minute Web Assisted Telephone Depth Interviews (WATDIs)
Services Delivered: Translations, recruitment, moderation, content analyses

healthcare market research

Therapy Area: Haematology
Topic: MM

Multiple Myeloma

Respondent Type: Haematologists

To understand views of HCPs on the bispecific treatments in Multiple Myeloma

Sample Size: 35
Methodology: 45 minute Online Opinion Survey
Services Delivered: Recruitment

healthcare market research

Therapy Area: Oncology
Topic: CSCC

Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Respondent Type: Oncologists, surgeons

To understand oncologists and surgeons' experiences with skin cancers

Sample Size: 24
Methodology: 15-minute pre-task (to send examples of emails, webinars, materials oncologists/ surgeons have been provided by pharma reps in the last 2 weeks), followed by 60 minute Web Assisted Telephone Depth Interviews (WATDIs)
Services Delivered: Recruitment

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