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Conference Research

Medical conferences, be they physical, digital or hybrid, represent a considerable investment in terms of cost, time and resources. It can be very difficult for companies to assess their Return On Investment (ROI) and the impact of papers, symposium and posters presented at conferences. We partner with clients who seek to obtain an objective analysis of what delegates are taking away from conference presentations, or simply to gain competitive intelligence.

We have vast experience of applying different models for conducting conference research

depending on both the projects objectives and the “rules” of the conference organiser. For example, research might be conducted on the floor of the conference venue, offsite during the conference or by telephone or on-line before, during and following the conference.

“On the floor” research:

Medicys will, if permitted by the conference organizers, send a small contingent of interviewers tasked with gathering delegate opinions on specific conference stands, symposium, posters, presentation etc. Data collection is most often done on a tablet via a pre-programmed survey. This methodology allows to gather “in the moment” feedback.

Offsite face to face research:

Whereby a venue, close to the conference centre, is hired, and respondents recruited onsite to attend an individual face to face interview or a group session to discuss various topics in relation to the conference or their specialty. This is a great way to recruit Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

Telephone research:

Usually, a methodology used to assess delegate expectations before the conference and see how perceptions or beliefs might have evolved a few days after the conference.

Digital research:

Medicys creates app or web surveys which delegates complete pre-conference, during the conference, and post conference to gain insight on their perception, opinions and how those evolve as the conference approaches, is ongoing and/or closes.

Related Work

conference research

Therapy Area: Ophthalmology
Respondent Type: Ophthalmologists


Retinal specialists

Discuss Ophthalmologists experience of the congress, how their perceptions of brands have (or haven’t) changed and how it can be improved in the future

Sample Size: 25
Methodology: 30 min Telephone Depth Interviews (TDIs) with Retinal specialists / Ophthalmologists who were attendees at EURETINA and 20 min online survey with Retinal specialists / Gos who were attendees at EURETINA
Services Delivered: Translations, Scripting and hosting, recruitment, moderation, Sim trans, content analyses, code frame, coding and data tables

conference research

Therapy Area: Infectious Diseases
Topic: HIV

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Respondent Type: HCPs treating HIV

To explore congress activities and the impressions they had on HIV Specialists and whether these activities may change their prescribing habits.

Sample Size: 80
Methodology: 15 minute online survey (pre conference), 40 minute OBB (10 min per day, during conference), 20 minute online survey post conference, 15 minute telephone interview
Services Delivered: Recruitment, moderation

conference research

Therapy Area: Dermatology
Topic: EADV conference
Respondent Type: Dermatologists

Understand impressions of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV) congress

Sample Size: 25
Methodology: 30 minute Telephone Depth Interviews (WATDIs)
Services Delivered: Recruitment, moderation, management report

conference research

Therapy Area: Oncology
Topic: ASCO
Respondent Type: Oncologists

Perceptions of a particular conference symposium

Sample Size: 50
Methodology: 30 minute Web Assisted Telephone Depth Interviews (WATDIs)
Services Delivered: Recruitment, moderation, transcripts

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